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Non e-LfH AICC Content
[Retired] Preventing Pressure Ulcers (PUL)
Accessible Information Standard (AIS)
Acute Medicine (ACUMEN)
Acute NIV (NIV)
Adolescent Health Programme (AH)
Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)
Ages and Stages Questionnaires (ASQ)
Alcohol (PWP)
Alcohol and Tobacco Brief Interventions
Alcohol Identification and Brief Advice (ALC)
Alcohol Stigma: Stories Behind the Bottle (SBB)
All Our Health (AOH)
Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)
Asthma (AST)
Audiology (AUD)
Avoiding Term Admissions Into Neonatal units (ATA)
Behaviour Change Literacy for Individuals and Workforce Leaders (BCL)
Breaking Down the Barriers (BDTB)
Cancer Nursing Careers (CNC)
Care and Treatment Reviews (CTR)
Care Certificate (CCT)
Child Health (PWP)
Children's Oral Health Advice (COH)
Cleaning for Confidence (CFC)
Clinical Risk Management Training (CSF)
Community-Centred Approaches to Health Improvement (CMH)
Complaints Handling (CPL)
Continence and Catheter Care (COC)
Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Covid-19 Recovery and Rehabilitation Programme
Critical Care IV Therapy (CCN)
Cultural Competence (CMW)
Dementia (DEM)
Disability Matters
Doctors in Training Induction (DIT)
Dysphagia Guide
Educational and Clinical Supervisors and the 2016 Contract (EST)
Educator Training Resources (ETR)
Elective Care (RTT)
End of Life Care (e-ELCA)
Endoscopy (EPY)
Engaging with People and Communities (PEP)
e-Pain (EPN)
Epilepsy (EPS)
Everyday Innovation Thinking Differently (THD)
Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
Fetal Monitoring (eFM)
Flu Immunisation (FLU)
Foundation (FND)
Freedom to Speak Up in Healthcare in England
Genomics Education Programme (GEN)
Health Equity Assessment Tool (HEAT)
Health Informatics (Inform-ed)
Healthy Child Programme (HCP)
Healthy School Child Programme (HSC)
Housing and Homeless (PWP)
Identifying and Supporting Victims of Modern Slavery (TRF)
Immunisation (IMM)
Infection Management (PWP)
Intensive Care Echo and Basic Lung Ultrasound (ICE-BLU)
Intensive Care Medicine (e-ICM)
Internal Medicine Training (IMT)
Interpretation of Radiological Images (e-IRI)
Introduction to Mindfulness (MDL)
Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations (e-IRMER)
IV Therapy Passport
Knowledge Mobilisation Framework (KMF)
LaSE - Career Planning for Healthcare Professionals (CPP)
Laser Safety (eLaser)
Leadership for Clinicians: Clinical Leadership (CLE)
Leadership Foundations (LDF)
Leading Change, Adding Value (LCAV)
Making Every Contact Count (MECC)
Maximising Population Health and Prevention in curricula (MPHP)
Medical Equipment (e4E)
Medical Examiner (MEX)
Medico-legal Training (MLT)
Mental Capacity Act (MCA)
Mental Health Awareness for GPs (MHG)
Mental Health Awareness Programme (MHP)
Midwifery Supervision (MWS)
MindEd Core Content (Universal)
MindEd Learning Disability
MindEd Suicide and Self-harm Prevention
MRI Safety
MSK Primary Care (MSK)
National Bereavement Care Pathway (NBC)
National Data Opt-out Training (NDO)
NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC)
NHS Health Check (HCV)
NHS Healthcare for the Armed Forces (VTH)
NHS Project and Change Academy (CPM)
NICE Guidance (NICE)
Nutrition & Obesity (PWP)
Obesity (BMI)
Oral Health (PWP)
Overseas Visitors Cost Recovery (OVM)
Paediatrics (PAE)
Paramedics (PRM)
Perinatal Mental Health (PMH)
Pharmacist Tutor Training (PST)
Physical Activity and Health (PHA)
Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (e-LPRAS)
Population Health Management (PHM)
Prescribe - Clinical Pharmacology and Prescribing (CPT)
Prevention & Health Improvement (PWP)
Public Health Intelligence (HEI)
Public Health Professionals (PWP)
Radiation Protection for Cardiology (BIR)
Radiation Protection for Vascular Surgeons (RPV)
Radiation Safety for Staff (RSS)
Safe Prescribing (SPB)
Safe Use of Insulin (SUI)
Safeguarding (PWP)
Safeguarding Adults (SGA)
Safeguarding Children and Young People (SGC)
Saving Babies' Lives (SBL)
Sepsis (SEP)
Sexual and Reproductive Health (e-SRH)
Sexual Health (PWP)
Sexual Orientation Monitoring Information Standard (SOM)
Shared Decision Making (SDM)
Simulation Faculty Development (SHP)
Smoking (PWP)
Social Prescribing - Learning for Link Workers (SPL)
Statutory and Mandatory Training (SMT)
Substance Misuse (PWP)
Supervision of Less Than Full Time Trainees (LTFT)
Supporting a Smokefree Pregnancy and Smokefree Families (SCP)
Supporting Carers in General Practice (CAA)
Supporting Self Care (SSC)
System Workforce Planning (SWP)
Tracheostomy Safety (NTSP)
Transient Ischaemic Attacks (TIA)
Venous Thromboembolism (VTE)
Volunteer Learning Passport (VTW)
Wellbeing and Mental Health (PWP)
Work and Health (PHW)
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